Adblue tank

CZ PLAST offers custom-made AdBlue tanks for various needs. Our team of experienced designers and our advanced technology allow us to produce tanks in different volumes and shapes.

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AdBlue is increasingly being used in the diesel engines of both vehicles and various machinery. The system works by injecting a solution called AdBlue into the exhaust stream which helps to lower the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions produced by diesel engines.

AdBlue was introduced in response to the need to comply with the requirements of EURO 4 and higher emission standards.

There are different sizes of AdBlue tanks available, allowing them to be used in a wide range of vehicles, from light commercial vehicles to heavy trucks. AdBlue tanks are made from corrosion- and weather-resistant materials, ensuring their long lifespan and a minimal need for maintenance.

We will design and manufacture AdBlue tanks according to your requirements. Do not hesitate to send us your inquiry.

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