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Rainwater filter kits remove rainwater of all impurities

One of the ways to be eco-friendly and save money on your water bill at the same time is rainwater harvesting. It can be used for various household tasks like for flushing toilets, watering the garden, or even washing clothes.

The pressure we put on the environment needs to be relieved and one option is to use rainwater for everyday practical uses. Rainwater, however, contains many impurities, making it unsuitable for immediate use. Our filter kits effectively remove these impurities, ensuring clean rainwater for all your needs.

 This filter kit can not only remove sediment, but also remove twigs, bird droppings or leaves that the water has collected through the drain on the roof. These impurities and foreign objects could degrade the water quality and consequently no longer be suitable for our intended purposes.

These kits come in three convenient sizes to accommodate different installation requirements and rainwater harvesting needs: 

  1. Basic Filter Kit: with a 36-centimetre (14-inch) inlet depth.
  2. Filter Kit with 40-cm Extension: with an inlet depth of 76 centimetres (30 inches).
  3. Filter Kit with 100-cm Extension with an inlet depth of 136 centimetres (53 inches).

The filter kits come equipped with a filter basket, a lid and a DN 160 connection grommet for the inlet, among other things.

Read more here: https://www.czplast.com/downloads/ke-stazeni/platny_-czplast_filtracni-sach_.pdf

A major advantage of our filters is their easy installation and convenient cleaning.

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