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Chamber extension riser, 60 cm diameter, 25 cm height, black

Chamber extension riser for installation to the opening of a manhole or storage tank with 600 mm diameter and 250 mm height.

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A chamber extension riser, also known as a manhole riser, is a structural element used around manholes or sewer openings, and are mounted directly to their opening. It is mainly used when the manhole or storage tank needs to be settled deeper, or when the upper terrain needs to be raised a little more.

Manhole and chamber extension risers offer a range of functionalities, more specifically as a safety improvement feature: Chamber extension risers can be used to enhance safety by securing the manhole or sewer opening, thus helping to prevent accidents and injuries. Another feature is dirt ingress protection: Chamber extension risers are designed to prevent dirt, debris or foreign objects from entering the manhole. Improved drainage is also an advantage: Some chamber extension riser models are designed to improve surface drainage, which is especially important in rainy weather. Another benefit is the aesthetic appearance of the manhole: Some extensions are made to improve the aesthetic appearance of manholes, especially in public or residential areas. Lastly, the greatest advantage of chamber extension risers is the easy access they provide, which facilitates maintenance and repairs.


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