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Pumping station shaft, diameter 120 cm/height 200 cm

Standard delivery does not include cover for the pump station; if required a cover can be ordered separately under product number 710052.12

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1200-millimetre pumping station shafts made by the Czech manufacturer CZ PLAST are produced by using "ROTOMOULDING" technology, without unnecessary hard plastic welds and are suitable for pressure sewerage.

These pumping station shafts can be used in several ways, firstly for drainage: pumping station shafts are often used to drain underground areas, such as basements, car parks or underground tunnels. Secondly, they are used for drinking water: in areas where there is no central water supply system available, pumping station shafts can be used to pump groundwater for household or industrial use. Thirdly, they are used for wastewater: in areas where a sewerage system it is not feasible or efficient to create, pumping station shafts are used to pump and drain wastewater. Lastly for industrial use: in industrial sectors, pumping station shafts are also frequently used to drain, pump or store different types of fluids, for example in the chemical industry.


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