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REHA cover, 60 cm diameter, 600 kg load capacity

REHA cover with 600 mm diameter, 600 kg load capacity, including fastening material, for water meter chambers, manholes and storage tanks.

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The REHA cover designed for use with water meter chambers/manholes and storage tanks. This reinforced cover is suitable for installation in driveways, roads, and other areas where they may be subjected to vehicular traffic, including passenger cars, trucks, lorries, buses, and other heavy vehicles.

The manhole cover is flat and suitable for paved driveways.  The diameter of the manhole cover is 60 centimetres (cm) and comes with all fastening material. The maximum load capacity of this specific cover is 600 kilograms (kg) in accordance with DIN 1989 standards. The black colour of the cover makes it unobtrusive, and it blends it with its surroundings.


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