VENICE tank, 5 m3 volume

Rainwater collection tank with 5 m3 volume, length of 264 cm, width of 242 cm, height of 124 cm.

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The VENICE water tank is specifically designed for installation in non-trafficked green areas. Its compact height of 124 centimetres makes it suitable for placement under slightly sloped terraces, eliminating the need for extensive excavation work. This self-supporting rainwater tank is made of high-quality polyethylene, and it is designed to collect rainwater or sewage water.

The key advantages of these tanks include installation without the need for concrete or a concrete foundation. A high-quality Czech product. The VENICE 5 m3 tank is made of 100% recyclable material. Due to the use of rotational moulding technology, the product has a long lifespan.

Water tanks offer two key advantages, especially in dry areas or regions with limited water access. In areas with limited access to water or having a dry climate, water tanks can serve as an effective way to collect and store rainwater or other water sources. Water tanks can also provide harvested water for irrigating gardens, fields and in other agricultural areas, which can be especially useful in areas with low rainfall.

VENICE tanks come with:

  • load-bearing cover, up to 200 kg
  • 1 rubber grommet (sleeve) for DN150 inlet

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