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Entrance water meter shaft, 100 cm diameter/125 cm height

Due to its 100-cm diameter it is possible to fit other accessories, such as filters and fittings to this entrance water meter shaft for further distribution and so on.

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Entrance water meter shafts are used for housing water meters and other necessary devices for measuring and monitoring water flow. The diameter of the shaft is 1000 millimetres. The tank can be installed without concreting, a sand or gravel base is sufficient. The tank is self-supporting and made of high-quality polyethylene. It is a quality Czech product.

Advantages of entrance water meter shafts:

  1. Accurate Water Consumption Measurement: entrance water meter shafts provide a suitable housing for water meters, enabling precise measurement of water consumption.
  2. Easy Access for Maintenance and Repairs: entrance water meter shafts make it easy to access water meters and to perform routine maintenance or to carry out device replacements without the need for a major disruption of the water supply system.
  3. Enhanced Security Against Water Theft: entrance water meter shafts can be equipped with security measures to protect water meters from unauthorized access or water theft.

The 100/125 entrance water meter shaft includes the following equipment:

  • 2 built-in steps, which provide a safe and convenient way to access the bottom of the shaft
  • 2 cable glands and a clamping grommet for DN 32mm pipes- these fittings allow cables and pipes to be firmly secured to the shaft.
  • 1 60 cm cover with a 200 kg load bearing capacity, which provides easy access to the shaft as well as being able to support the weight of foot traffic from above.

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