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Water meter shaft VŠ GEO, height 120 cm housing

Water meter shaft GEO 120 cm – comes with an insulated cover without fittings or pipes. The water meter shaft is ready for trench installation. This is the housing only, without fittings (no PE pipes, fittings)

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This type of water meter shaft is designed and manufactured to allow easy access, installation and use without the need to enter the shaft itself- the water meter is located just under the cover. These outer casings, covers and housings serve to protect and securely enclose underground water metering devices.

This part of the water meter shaft serves multiple purposes, the first being protection from the physical elements as well as foreign objects. The water meter cover protects the water meter devices from harsh weather conditions, vandalism, dirt and other external influences. The second is enhanced safety and accident prevention: The water meter housing cover ensures a safe environment and prevention of accidental falls into the shaft or potential damage to the water meter equipment. The third is aesthetic contribution to the surroundings: water meter shafts are usually designed with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, which contributes to the overall appearance of the space where they are placed. Lastly, is easy access for maintenance: The cover allows easy access to water meter devices for routine maintenance, repairs and readings.

This the housing only, without fittings (no PE pipes, fittings) - installation requirements for water meters may vary depending on the water network operator. Therefore, the operator is responsible for installing the fittings and water meter.


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