We open the doors to precision machining in both large and small production runs.

Explore the world of robotic machining with us! Enter our fascinating world of robotic machining, where technology meets art and your projects take on new dimensions. Our robotic machining centre is not just a workplace; it’s a gateway to innovation and precision plastic parts processing.

Precision and consistency in both large and small production runs

We open the door to new horizons of innovation. Our robotic machining centre is not just a tool for production, but a place where new ideas are born, where rotomoulding meets robotic machining. We are here to support you on your journey to innovation.

 Use our robotic machining centre for your production as well:

Do you produce plastic products? We will machine them to your individual needs! We can ensure the entire machining process from fixture design and production to program setup and the machining itself. All you have to do is deliver the semi-finished products and specify the final product packaging.

 The path to optimal results:

Together we will set out on the path to optimal results. Our robotic machining centre is not just about the machines, it is about a partnership that will bring you the best results for your plastic parts. Your vision + our technology = a perfect match.

 ABB robot for machining plastic parts:

We are happy to present our faithful companion, the ABB robot, your guide to the world of plastic parts machining. Its advanced technology and six axes allow movement in all directions, bringing new possibilities and boundless creativity to your projects. 

  • Your projects will be safe inside our enclosed robotic workplace, where precision and quality go hand in hand.
  • High-speed machining:
    Our advanced ABB robotic technologies are ready to process plastic parts such as mudguards, air ducts, tanks and much more. Trust in the best results with our ABB robot.
  • Multi-axis machining with 6 –axis robot:
    Our robotic machining centre excels in high-speed machining, allowing your projects to progress quickly and efficiently. With the precision and speed of our technology, you will achieve optimal results without compromise.
  • Mobile table as a 7th axis:
    Our innovative solutions include a mobile table as a seventh axis, bringing even more range of motion and options to your projects. With this flexible approach, we can achieve optimal angles and movements for every part of your production.
  • Automated tool change:
    Time is a key factor in any production. With our automated tool change, we minimize time delays, meaning your project moves faster and with maximum efficiency.

Maximum dimensions for your projects:

  • Length: 1200 mm

  • Width: 1100 mm

  • Height: Up to 800 mm

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